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How to Get Big Muscles – 3 Key Pointers Advice on the Best Bodybuilding Program

How to Get Big Muscles – 3 Key Pointers

Keep It Simple Many guys go on the search for the ultimate routine when they are trying to figure how to get big muscles. In fact, many guys invest more time reading about routines than actually performing them. And many guys switch from one routine to the other on a regular basis. Really, it doesn’t […]

Advice on the Best Bodybuilding Program

It is one thing to enrol in a bodybuilding program and another to become a body builder. This is simply because it requires discipline, commitment and a tremendous amount of discipline for one to succeed. Most people think that undergoing a bodybuilding program is a walk in the park, and that it is something that […]

An honest unbiased review of the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

03 March 2014

When it comes to matters concerning health and fitness, or more specifically, bodybuilding and muscle building, it’s safe to say that the entire process can be extremely time consuming, frustrating, tiring, and, if you do things right, extremely rewarding. Building muscle is not easy, despite what some people may think. Some people seem to think […]

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How to Gain Muscle Mass – 5 Quick Tips for Success

24 January 2014

1.     Perform Your Drop Sets Once muscle fatigue begins to set in, continue with the exercise but utilize lower weights. The aim is to achieve muscle failure, so, during the rest period, there will be a requirement for maximum repair, which in turn of course will provide for maximum results. This is a great option […]

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How to Build Muscle Fast – 9 Tips for Success

23 January 2014

1.     Heavy Sets Using Free Weights If you use a Smith machine for building your chest, it may feel really pumped, but to add true bulk, use dumbbells instead. With dumbbells, you’ll be working ancillary muscles simultaneously, which in turn adds to compound mass. The added range of motion will increase the number of muscles […]

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How to Get Muscles – 8 Important Factors

22 January 2014

Calorie Count Figure out how many calories you need each day. How? • BMR (basic metabolic rate – or calories burned at rest) • Calories burned daily with activity How do you work out your BMR? Use an online calculator such as this one (http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/). To then figure out the number of calories you burn […]

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How to Gain Muscle Fast

21 January 2014

There’s no escaping it, for most guys, transformation of body physique is generally a long process, and it’s not normally a straightforward pathway in the sense that progress generally is fairly inconsistent. Muscle growth on the whole does tend to occur in ‘bursts’, and thus, the question about how to gain muscle fast becomes a […]

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4 Bodybuilding Tips for Men

20 January 2014

With respect to bodybuilding tips for men, the fact is that most guys don’t add muscle bulk simply because they are not eating and exercising correctly in order to do so. Follow through with these 4 bodybuilding tips for men in order to pack on the muscle! 1.    Fact – the more protein that your […]

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Bodybuilding Training

14 January 2014

A typical question that a qualified personal instructor can ask an individual who is interested in a bodybuilding training regimen and muscle development is “What do you want to achieve and what are your bodybuilding aspirations?” This is a smart and necessary question because there are various training routines associated with various goals. Typical goals […]

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Basic Tips on How to Maximize Your Bodybuilding Workouts

13 January 2014

Every occupation or task may have little nuances and tips that can help you obtain some extra results from the invested effort. Bodybuilding workout is no exception to this concept. Discover these bodybuilding tips for men that you can apply when go to a new session of bodybuilding training and find out whether they are […]

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Selecting Suitable Fitness and Bodybuilding Equipment

12 January 2014

Choosing the most suitable fitness equipment can sometimes become a stressful and confusing job, especially when there are so many available alternatives on the global market. Still, it doesn’t have to be an exhausting procedure – educating yourself about various types of weight lifting equipment and basic physical exercise techniques will allow you to make […]

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What is the best body building supplement out there?

09 January 2014

Truth is, there isn’t exactly a single formula. And if you ask people you see to be fit as CrossFit professionals, they will definitely have different answers to give you causing you difficulties to decide which one to settle to. But in actuality, this is a fairly understandable case because what works for one doesn’t […]

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